I’ve had all sorts of jobs over the years. I’ve been a housekeeper, nanny, dog walker, receptionist, barista, personal assistant, special ed assistant, nutritionist, bartender and an open mic host. Throughout all of these jobs, in different cities and countries, one thing has linked them all: I write.

I believe that every writer’s journey is different and that some of the strangest paths lead to the best stories. My varied background makes me a better writer and a more adaptable editor, and for that I am grateful. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing and work full-time as a writer and editor in several capacities: I am an editor for a music magazine (and write for several others), a technical writer for an engineering firm, a writing coach for several clients and–my favorite–a fiction writer whose second novel and first short story collection are en route to the world.

I offer writing and editorial services to a wide range of artists and business owners. See my services section for a breakdown of what these services look like. I love what I do and am always on the hunt folks who love their work, too!