This website serves as a space to showcase Michelle Kicherer’s previous and forthcoming work. To read more about her ghostwriting services, check out Ghost Writer’s Block

Michelle Kicherer is a fiction writer, instructor and ghostwriter. Former versions of Michelle includes: music journalist, copywriter, managing editor, technical writer, open mic host and events coordinator. 

Michelle works on both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts and specializes in transforming nonfiction books into scripts for online courses and publication. She is especially interested in writing memoir and nonfiction books centering around music, mental health, animals, and anything some might think of as “weird.” Beautiful, send it on over.

Educationally speaking, Michelle holds an MFA in English & Creative Writing and a BS in Nutrition. Her work has appeared in The Berkeley Fiction Review, 580 Split, Into the Void, The Cutaway, 8142 Review and many others.

Please see her Services page to check out what projects she’s currently accepting.