Band Art with Jesse Rimler


“The idea isn’t to draw a specific musician, but to capture the feeling of making music.”

It’s always exciting to find a multi-faceted artist: The writer meets musician meets illustrator. It was that very combination that drew us into the world of Jesse Rimler.

Firstly, if you’re lookin’ for a good time I suggest you plunk yourself down in front of a Jesse Rimler comic book. His work is funny, relatable, intimate and wonderfully illustrated. Creeper, Rimler’s latest work, features a curious boy who gets kicked out of the house by his asshole older brother, leaves the semi-suburbs of San Francisco’s Richmond District and finds himself Downtown, and eventually, sneaking into a peep show. “It’s based off of this real place called the Lusty Lady. Which actually doesn’t exist anymore,” Rimler says…

Read the full interview on The Bad Bridged

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