Field Medic returns for first headlining show in SF | The Bay Bridged


(photo: Stephen Beebout)

How autobiographical are the songs off this album? We asked Field Medic’s Kevin Patrick.

“100%,” he said. “I don’t really write fiction, I just write [my] truth…I wouldn’t say it was hard to share these stories but they were definitely cathartic to write.”

Some of the most powerful poetry is that which isn’t complicated, where we’re not spending time dissecting each line but where we hear it for the first time and realize that yes, we connect to this. We’ve been there, too. That’s precisely what Field Medic has achieved with their latest album, Fade into the Dawn. Unlike some of Field Medic’s previous albums, which are more intricately poetic, Dawn is a folk album that’s a little more punk rock in its blunt, yet charming, lyrical delivery….

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