Interview: Naytronix Releases Air on June 7th | SF Station


On June 7th, Nate Brenner, the force behind Naytronix (of Tune-Yards), will release his third studio album, Air, on BotCave Records. The album is an electro psych-pop collection that is both warm and heavy, relaxing yet challenging. Its booming, dense, aggressive sound is juxtaposed against Brenner’s gentle voice.

The album, co-produced by Merrill Garbus and Ross Peacock, mixed by Jonas Verwijnen at Berlin’s Kaiku Studios, then zipped over to NYC for mixing by Sarah Register, comes after a busy few years for Brenner. Between touring with Tune-Yards, scoring films like Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You, producing albums and helping run BotCave, Brenner is hard at work on his own projects. We asked him how Naytronix overlaps with his other collaborations, how it how it felt to score a major film, and what else is in the works…

Read the full interview on SF Station

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