Not of the Zeitgeist: Hectorine’s debut folk album | The Bay Bridged


(photo: Emily Dulla)

Words by Michelle Kicherer

I’ve had lots of conversations over the years in the anguished I-was-born-in-the-wrong-decade vein. We’ve sat there daydreaming about what it must have felt like to sit in a dim bar while Jefferson Airplane performed flute-kissed lullabies; we’d watch with glistening eyes as Christine McVie played her first solo album; as Nico performed some of her less depressing hits. And I mention these musicians specifically because they’re the type of vibe that our newly-discovered Hectorine brings to the table, and we’re pleased she’s of our time.

Hectorine, known off-stage as Sarah Gagnon, takes influences from some of her favorite music — the aforementioned and other ’60s and ’70s folk and rock — and uses that inspiration, in part, to create her music. This January she released her first album, the self-produced, self-titled, Hectorine….

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