Panchaeans and Tropa Magica Bust the Starline September 12th [Preview, SF Station]


We’re quite pleased for what’s coming up this September 12th at The Starline Social Club. Ballroom? More like balleroom.

Opening the evening is indie psych-pop group Panchaeans (a reincarnation of Pancho-San), whose members have played with some big names throughout the years. Panchaeans, named for the mythical Greek island, is comprised of songwriter Patrick Abernethy (Rogue Wave, Beulah), drummer Pat Spurgeon (Rogue Wave), bass player Joe Lewis, and a rotating cast of guests when they play live.

In July, Panchaeans released their first EP, Telecommuting. Collectively the songs have a little Spoon, The Shins, and a warm, room-encompassing bigness reminiscent of ELO. Panchaeans has a sense of humor and humility in their lyrics; they’re approachable but complex. Opening track “Modern Insomnia” builds with just the right amount of epic growth to take you there.

Read full article on SF Station

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