Representing: The true debut of Sour Widows [Interview, The Bay Bridged]


“Nirvana. Radiohead. Weezer. A lot of jazz.” Members of Sour Widows are listing some of their biggest influences. Bouncing ideas off each other. There’s a calm and friendly dynamic at the table. When they tell me they’ve been friends for years I’m not surprised. They keep going and I point to each person, starting with drummer Max Edelman.

Max Edelman: Nirvana. Jazz. Radiohead. Weezer.

Susanna Thomson: Weezer, definitely. Joni Mitchell, Feist, Angel Olson.

Maia Sinaiko: Patti Smith, Led Zeppelin, Joan Jett, Blondie.

A good representation of these well-rounded inspirations is the track “Whole Lotta Nothing” (nice little Zeppelin nod in there). The song has some Weezer-ish guitar progressions, some Joan Jett passion and a touch of the Angel Olson…


Read the full interview on The Bay Bridged

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