Novel editing and manuscript critique 

I provide in-depth critique of short stories, novels and memoirs and can provide the following: 

  • The Summary:
    • A thorough read and summary of your manuscript. This is what agents want to see when you are pitching your work.
  • The Summary + detailed notes
    • This is a summary of your work plus notes on things like character, plot, tension, arc, voice, setting. What’s happening and when? What leaves your readers wanting more? Where are opportunities to make your scenes stronger, your characters more connective, your plot lines more stirring?
  • It’s all in the details
    • This is the nitty-gritty editing part, where I read through your manuscript and make detailed notes and edits throughout. I’ll point out things like confusing sentences, word choice, clarity, typos and overall areas for improvement. Many of my clients seek this step first, complete their edits, then send back for an overall summary and unique new look at their work.

M Kicherer Business Card


If you are ready to get a red pencil to your work, send me a note and I will send you a quote! I am ready and excited to hear from you!