Do you consider yourself a bit of a kook? Are you an artist, writer, performer, dreamer who’s trying to get their work out into the world but feel like you don’t know how–or you do and are at the point where your work is ready for a second set of eyes? Great!

Below is a basic outline of what I offer. Quotes are based on scope of work and each client’s unique needs. M Kicherer Business Card

  • Writing websites and bios

    • I work with each client to understand the message they want to convey: who are you as an artist, a writer, a business owner? What are your goals? Why are you, as Tina would say, simply the best? Better, even, than all the rest?
  • Fiction and non-fiction editing services
    • Editing stories, articles and other short form pieces (up to 8,000 words) and book-length work (pushing 90,000 words and beyond)
  • Publication
    • Writing query letters to agents
    • Helping prepare submittal packages
  • Music
    • I write for multiple music websites and magazines. Interested in having your music covered? Let’s talk!
  • Events
    • Want to have an art show, book some gigs or create a unique event series in the Bay Area? I will help create your artists’ bio, write your proposal and pitch your show. Details–especially wild n crazy ones–are my specialty.

Curious to know more? Send me a note!