Below is a basic outline of what I offer. Quotes are pretty tailored to what you’re looking for. I am currently pretty full-up but am always down to hear about collaborative book ideas, especially those involving illustrations, the music industry and interview projects.

M Kicherer Business Card

  • Fiction and non-fiction editing services
    • I edit short stories, articles, and book-length works (pushing 90,000 words and beyond)
  • Music
    • I write for multiple music websites and magazines
    • Want to send me your stuff? Artists and PR folks: please link me to your Bandcamp, Soundcloud, website and any upcoming shows or album releases
  • Websites and bios
    • I write content for writers, artists, musicians, small businesses and some less-small businesses, too.
  • Biographies
    • Interested in a bigger undertaking?

Check out some of my recent work and if you want, send me a note!