From former students and clients 


Beverley C.

I gained confidence. I became aware of some of my strong points, the details of writing conversation, the scheme of plot and theme in developing a story, and the importance of considering less rather than more when editing one’s own work. These were all elements of writing that Michelle taught. I know my skill in writing has improved… I was amazed that so much could be covered in two hours of Zoom! The “homework” was stimulating and demanding. It was a great class.

Tanna B.

This class is a road map of how to go about creating a story and an opportunity to actually do it, and to witness what writing stories feels like and see where that leaves me. In other words, the class is a direct opportunity to engage in a process and witness that process work through me on many levels.

Geri O.

Michelle, thanks again and again.  It’s been delightful to work with you, and receive such helpful suggestions, skilled editing, and on-going encouragement.  You’ve fed my writing in more ways than you could ever know, or imagine.

Kittye W.

Before taking the fiction workshop with Michelle I didn’t think I could write a story. I wrote sermons, poetry, legal briefs, lectures, etc. but never a story. Writing these sort stories no matter how bad they are has been a real treat and new experience for me…The editing of my stories was spot on and very helpful. It taught me how not to get defensive of my work and accept what others see when they read it.

Angelina H.

This class has opened up a world of writing that was previously unknown to me and has enriched my retirement life.  I have been an avid reader since childhood, but now I am learning how to create wonderful stories myself.  Now, when I read the work of other writers, I have a completely new perspective of their work and can appreciate more the craft of what they create.  This class has also given me more confidence in my ability to write.