Writing Coaching

Some writers have a story to share and are looking for guidance on how to structure their work. Many of the same structural concepts apply to my fiction clients as to my nonfiction clients: maybe you’re an expert in your field and have a lot to share but writing is not your forte. Perhaps you need help structuring your book: how to create a thorough outline and how to best deliver information in an order that makes sense to your audience.

Through online coaching sessions, Michelle will take time with your work and provide whatever level of guidance you seek. Some projects may last six weeks, some projects may last well into a year, and some clients work with Michelle long-term on a variety of nonfiction and fiction work for which they seek publication.

To get a quote, please send a little bit about your project, including: how far along you are; what you’re struggling with most; any of your previous work; and links to your websites and social media, if applicable.

Michelle offers one free, 30-minute consultation, after which both parties can digest and determine if they’ll be a good partnership. Send your info here and feel free to ask any questions!

Now offering a 3-month mentorship program through Write or Die Tribe. Enrollment opens June 1!

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